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Learning FreeNAS book

Learning FreeNAS by Gary Sims

Learning FreeNAS

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Learning FreeNAS Gary Sims ebook
Page: 244
Publisher: Packt Publishing Ltd.
Format: pdf
ISBN: 1847194680, 9781847194688

I don't think I did anything stupid like tell it to replace the wrong disk. Where does that log show where the pool is? I now just need to get on with learning the more advanced features of the software. Let's try to recover this pool as a learning exercise. I booted the machine with FreeNAS 8 and did the zpool replace - which started, and immediately started throwing piles of data corruption errors and kernel panics - despite a weekly scrub of the pool never finding any issues. So far Unfortunately (as you can probably see in the picture), the machine I'm using for FreeNAS doesn't have a CD or DVD drive. Hi, im trying to setup static ip for the freeNAS and the jailsystem. I don't see how ada0 is even related. When I tried to search on "pool not found" using quotes, the forum thinks its "pool -found". I loaded FreeNas up on another usb drive and can dual purpose the machine. Code: Copyright (c) 1992-2011 The FreeBSD Project. I have discovered that you could config the interfaces: Is this the right setup: Hi my router has the following ip: I immediately issued shutdown with the old disk plugged in? At anyrate it was a good learning experience.

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